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Scott was born and raised in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin. In 1993 he graduated Lincoln High school and later in 1999 from Mid State Technical College. After graduating in 1999 Scott started a career in law enforcement working for the Juneau County Sheriff’s Department. While working there, he noticed that the same individuals were returning to jail month after month. Scott set out to do something about this problem understanding that creating opportunities for people to become self sufficient was the only way to break the cycle.

After leaving Juneau County he became the Discharge Planner at the Wood County Jail. At this point, he was responsible for keeping inmates from returning to jail. During that period Scott helped reduce the jail recidivism rate from 81% to 16% which in turn saved the county government over $1 million. This was achieved by implementing self sufficiency plans, including employment searches.

Scott went on to start his own employment and training company called NEW Opportunities where he continues to make a mark on helping more individuals become self-sufficient citizens.

Today, Scott serves as the Chairman of the Public Benefit Reform Committee, and Vice-Chair of the Forestry, Parks and Outdoor Recreation Committee. He also serves on the Environment Committee along with the College and Universities Committee, Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee, and Government Accountability and Oversight Committee.

Over the past few sessions his biggest accomplishments include revamping Wisconsin’s entitlement program system to create more accountability and make work for all WI residents more available and rewarding. Along with that, locally Scott was instrumental in helping bring the rapid development of the Sand Valley golf resort to the area which now employs close to 600 individuals in Adams County. Adding those jobs and keeping a local company Skyward in Central WI have led to close to 2,000 jobs to the area economy. Scott continues to fight daily to re-open the Wisconsin Rapids Mill site after being vetoed by Governor Evers in 2021.

Priorities And Solutions

Click below to learn more about the topics, priorities and solutions that matter most to Scott.


Adams County Board of Supervisors for District 18, Town of Rome.

Vice Chair of the Land, Water and UW Extension Committee

County Representative to the Golden Sands RC&D consortium

County Representative to the Central Sands Groundwater Collaborative

County Representative to the Tri Lakes Management District 


Prior to being county representative Scott was selected as the Lake Arrowhead area representative and upon election to the County Board of Supervisors became the County Representative on the Tri Lakes Management District.

Voted to bring forward “Project Clean”, a monumental project utilizing the most innovative technology available to clean our area lakes using nano bubble technology.  


Community Volunteer

                  Vice President of the Good Sheppard Lutheran Church board in Wisconsin Rapids

                  Volunteer at the Wisconsin Rapids Elks Lodge 693

                  Volunteer for WRYSA (Wisconsin Rapids Youth Sports Association)


I go to Madison to help our district. Many of the bills I write and issues I work on in Madison are on behalf of constituents and needs in Central Wisconsin.

Every one of the following bills was introduced because someone in our area asked to do it or because I knew that the bill could help the 72nd Assembly District.

  • AB 113, the amount of allowable cash withdrawal from a bingo account for the purpose of paying cash prizes
  • SB 71, grants to independent living centers and making an appropriation
  • SB 85, authorizing email for notice of public inland lake protection and rehabilitation district board business
  • AB 230, recreational vehicle manufacturers, distributors, and dealers, the definition of recreational vehicles, and providing a penalty
  • SB 219, sales and use tax exemption for diapers and feminine hygiene products
  • AB 331, grants to map, control, eradicate, monitor, and minimize the spread of wild parsnip; funding for the Bureau of Natural Heritage Conservation; granting rule-making authority; and making an appropriation
  • AB 258, authorizing community solar programs and granting rule-making authority
  • AB 266, judicial review of local governmental decisions related to certain land development, local approval of residential housing development, and amendment of zoning ordinances (anti-NIMBY housing law)
  • AB 277, the amount and distribution of the real estate transfer fee
  • AB 420, exempting from taxation certain pension payments received by an individual for service in the U.S. Foreign Service
  • AB 645, county assistance to certain nonprofit organizations
  • AB 768, water and sewerage system connections and annexation of territory and extraterritorial zoning in certain towns
  • AB 918, various changes regarding the laws governing real estate practice, disclosures regarding real property wholesalers, and providing a penalty
  • SB 880, limitations on the total value of taxable property that may be included in a tax incremental financing district created in the city of Stevens Point
  • AB 946, creating an individual income tax checkoff for donations to the Wisconsin Fire & EMS Memorial, Inc., and making an appropriation
  • AB 1094, a workforce home loan program

If you live in Wood, Adams or Juneau Counties you know how important water is to our identity. Yes, we all need clean water, to drink and to bathe in, but tourism is also a major part of the economy of the 72nd Assembly District (which now includes the entirety of Lake Petenwell and Castle Rock Lake) and so much of our tourism is based on clean lakes, streams, and rivers that people come to enjoy from every corner of the state. Beginning with the blue-green algae issues on Lake Petenwell, I’ve fought hard to create new rules to manage our area waterways and have been highly successful in creating a cleaner environment for us all to enjoy.

For many sessions I have sponsored and supported legislation to protect our water. I am a board member (a commissioner) of the Tri-Lakes Management District for Lake Arrowhead, Lake Camelot, and Lake Sherwood.

I was pleased to have served on the 2019 Speaker’sTask Force on Water Quality. I was appointed because had been a leader on the issue and I continue to work on it.

In the 2023-24 session I was author or lead sponsor of a number of bills and budget motions that tried to provide (or to increase) funding for water conversation programs in the state. Not all of the motions were adopted but I will always keep fighting.

Since joining the Adams County Board as a supervisor in 2022 I have been a member of the County Board Committee on Land and Water and UW Extension, which deals with many issues including water quality on the local level.


We need a solid workforce in Wisconsin and for that to happen we need an educated workforce. I have served on the Assembly Committee on Colleges since I was first elected to the legislature. This session I was pleased to again be a member of the Assembly Committee on Colleges and Universities, and also to join the Assembly Committee on Housing and Real Estate. Both committees considered a number of bills and I able to co-sponsor many of them. I was also able to amend other bills as needed.

I have always worked closely with area educational institutions including the UW-Stevens Point, Mid-State Technical College, and our local K-12 school districts to see that the needs of our area are met. I was pleased that we were able to send to the Governor a budget that met many of the needs of our colleges and technical schools, as well as made some accommodation for K-12 school funding especially in our rural districts.

I have also been actively encouraging economic development in the 72nd through communication with current and potential future businesses. Some of the bills I can point to that provided directed help to the economy of the district include a major TIF bill to help develop a vegetable processing plant, a package of improvements to real estate law, and a bill to create a workforce home loan program.

You can see all of the bills I was lead author on, or was second lead author on, at my official legislative web site.


This session it was my privilege to chair the Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections. I requested this assignment, and the Speaker gave it to me. I don’t have to tell you that secure, fair, open elections are the backbone of our democracy. The high level of concern about our election process lately demanded that we investigate what needs doing and do what we need to do to restore confidence in our system.

My committee met on fifteen separate occasions to hear bills, consider amendments, and discuss what we needed to do to reinforce our election system. We accomplished a lot; we have more work to do. I look forward to coming back to Madison next session and continuing this vital work.

The issue of elections and election security is so important, and consumed so much of my time this session, that I’m sharing some summaries here.

Short list election security bills

Bills Passed Out Of Assembly

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