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Scott was born and raised in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin. In 1993 he graduated Lincoln High school and later in 1999 from Mid State Technical College. After graduating in 1999 Scott started a career in law enforcement working for the Juneau County Sheriff’s Department. While working there, he noticed that the same individuals were returning to jail month after month. Scott set out to do something about this problem understanding that creating opportunities for people to become self sufficient was the only way to break the cycle.

After leaving Juneau County he became the Discharge Planner at the Wood County Jail. At this point, he was responsible for keeping inmates from returning to jail. During that period Scott helped reduce the jail recidivism rate from 81% to 16% which in turn saved the county government over $1 million. This was achieved by implementing self sufficiency plans, including employment searches.

Scott went on to start his own employment and training company called NEW Opportunities where he continues to make a mark on helping more individuals become self-sufficient citizens.

Today, Scott serves as the Chairman of the Public Benefit Reform Committee, and Vice-Chair of the Forestry, Parks and Outdoor Recreation Committee. He also serves on the Environment Committee along with the College and Universities Committee, Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee, and Government Accountability and Oversight Committee.

Over the past few sessions his biggest accomplishments include revamping Wisconsin’s entitlement program system to create more accountability and make work for all WI residents more available and rewarding. Along with that, locally Scott was instrumental in helping bring the rapid development of the Sand Valley golf resort to the area which now employs close to 600 individuals in Adams County. Adding those jobs and keeping a local company Skyward in Central WI have led to close to 2,000 jobs to the area economy. Scott continues to fight daily to re-open the Wisconsin Rapids Mill site after being vetoed by Governor Evers in 2021.

Priorities And Solutions

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With employers all across our area begging for workers, Scott knows that getting people back into the workforce is a top priority. That’s why he supported the Stronger Workforce Initiative, a package of bills aimed at addressing the employee shortage and easing supply chain issues that are impacting families across Wisconsin. Scott knows it’s more important now than ever that we get people off the sidelines and back into the workforce.


As a lifelong resident of rural Wisconsin, Scott knows the unique challenges facing our small communities. Scott supported a bill that invested $100 million in rural economic development and farm support, prioritized funding for farmer mental health services, and fought for significant investments in broadband to connect our communities. Scott knows that we should never have to take a backseat to the big cities, and has fought hard to make sure our voices are heard.


While Governor Evers has tried to expand welfare and get rid of work requirements for public benefits, Scott passed a bill that focused on getting people back into the workforce. When nearly every business in our state has a “help wanted” sign hanging in the window, Scott knows we can’t afford to have anybody sitting on the sidelines. Work requirements and drug tests for those receiving your tax dollars are just a few of the other common sense reforms Scott has supported in the Assembly.


All Wisconsinites deserve clean water. Scott worked with colleagues from across the aisle and across the state on the Assembly Water Quality Task Force to help those who may be struggling with access to clean water in their community. Scott knows that finding a solution to this issue must rise above partisan politics. Scott was instrumental in bringing site specific regulations forward to help fix the ongoing algae issues in Lake Petenwell.


I will support career and technical education so that Wisconsin can continue to provide its businesses with a well-educated and highly skilled labor force. We must work to strengthen and preserve our manufacturing and agriculture sectors in the 72nd District and across Wisconsin. 


Wisconsin must continue to invest in rural broadband initiatives. Broadband for All will provide our rural farmers, businesses, and those who work remotely, the ability to live and thrive in areas such as ours!

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